I Feel Physically and Emotionally Safe and Welcome

As an over 50, overweight and out-of-shape female, even the thought of joining a fitness center was intimidating. When I finally decided I needed to do so for my physical as well as my mental health, I made a list of features I wanted. These included cleanliness, a variety of workout options, availability of a personal trainer, and showers. Total Body Fitness (TBF) was the only one of the four centers I visited that met my criteria.

I have been a member for almost 3 years and continue to enjoy the benefits of the time I spend there. TBF stays current with new equipment, machines, and challenges. The eclectic membership has representatives from both sexes, all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness levels. I feel physically and emotionally safe and welcomed by staff as well as other members. I whole-heartedly recommend TBF!
– Mahala

Live To Be Fit