I Feel Physically and Emotionally Safe and Welcome

As an over 50, overweight and out-of-shape female, even the thought of joining a fitness center was intimidating. When I finally decided I needed to do so for my physical  Read More»

Total Body Fitness Changed My Life

In June 2010, I found myself sitting at the Dairy Fest Parade feeling very uncomfortable with myself. Girls know how it is, try on a hundred shirts to see which  Read More»

ZooFit – Gets Me Out of Bed in the Morning

When I joined Zoofit I was skeptical – expecting another workout program that would give me the same results that I had experienced all the other times that I started  Read More»

Mitt Fitt – Outside-of-the-Box Approach to Working Out

I was looking for a fun alternative to do on the weekend to compliment my weekly exercise regimen. Boxing wasn’t anything I had ever done before so starting Mitt Fitt  Read More»

Live To Be Fit