Total Body Fitness Changed My Life

In June 2010, I found myself sitting at the Dairy Fest Parade feeling very uncomfortable with myself. Girls know how it is, try on a hundred shirts to see which one makes you look the least fat? I couldn’t wait till it was over, so I could go back home and hide out.

About half way through the parade a person on these crazy bouncy shoes caught my attention. He was a part of the float for Total Body Fitness. I thought if only I could be in shape like that. I bet they didn’t try on a hundred shirts before they came. I was soon handed a brochure with the information of the new gym opening that summer. I felt like it was my wake up call. Why not feel better about myself? Why not join this new gym? I called that Monday to sign up! I immediately feel in love with this gym. So often you hear how people are too self-conscious to go to a gym and have a fear of being judged. Let me tell you, you will not feel this way at Total Body Fitness. Everyone is super friendly and made me feel welcome. Judgement was the last thing I felt.

Soon after joining I got engaged and was questioning personal training. I was scared to death! I really didn’t know much of anything other than how to work the elliptical. The first workout just about killed me! I thought what have I gotten myself into?!? However, after a few sessions I feel in love with the gym even more. There was so much I didn’t know and now because of personal training I feel comfortable in all aspects of the gym.

Now in 2015, and 50 pounds lighter, I am ¾ of the way to my fitness goal. I can honestly say, without a doubt, Total Body Fitness changed my life! I would strongly recommend Total Body Fitness to anyone and everyone. I only hope someone can be as grateful as I am to Total Body Fitness.
– Courtney

Live To Be Fit