ZooFit Boot Camp

Zoo Fit Boot Camp

Embrace your inner animal.

Total Body Fitness ZooFit Boot Camp is an intense 30-minute, full-body workout that mixes intervals of cardio and strength training to increase your calorie burn and help you reach your fitness goals.

An animal does not feel the need to exercise, it simply lives that way. To keep yourself healthy and at the top of the food chain, physical fitness should come naturally, it should not be a chore or something you hate. That’s why we’ve created ZooFit Boot Camp – to help you reconnect with your body and your inner animal nature.

Benefits of ZooFit:

Camaraderie – interact and gain encouragement from your peers

Accountability – you are less likely to miss a workout when your boot camp friends are expecting you to be there

Discipline – pay attention and give 100%. Our instructors motivate you to keep going, giving you that extra push to work harder while you gain the confidence and inner motivation to do it all on your own

Specially designed program for maximum benefits– you don’t have to worry about what to do, we’ve created a high intensity plan for truly effective weight loss and lean muscle building

We make your time count – our interval training exercises are done with intensity and speed, making what would normally take over an 1 hour in the gym down to 30 minutes

Rapid results – in just 1 month of doing our ZooFit Boot Camp 4 days a week combined with proper nutrition, you will see your body transforming into a slimmer and leaner you

Step out of your comfort zone and embrace your inner animal. Call 715.797.8486 to register.

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